Thursday, December 3, 2009


Going to try to upload a few of the smaller pics, though they can never do justice to the spectacular we have seen over the last few weeks.
Last night I wrote up a huge blog about our desert excursion, but didn´t quite have time to post it so saved it on my usb... and now this computer won´t read it! So I´m going to try again later since it would take and hour to re-type it. Patience please, but I am now safely in Sucre, Bolivia. Loving everything and off to a small town to the east (Samaipata) tonight.

Laguna verde, some volcano and an inukshuk I built
View over Sucre the white city
Playing areobee (frisbee) at dawn on the world´s largest salt flat!
The 4 trekkers, never without cameras!
Sunrise over the cactus island in the middle of the salt flat
Geysers in the atacama desert, again at dawn...
Colourful mountain out of bus window from jujuy argentina to san pedro chile
Plaza in Salta, argentina
View from the top over argentinian wannabe german village of villa general belgrano
Central park of Che Guevara´s hometown of Alta Gracia

So there are a lot of gaps.... but better than nothing! Will update you all soon!

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