Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Touristing Vancouver

So flying out of Vancouver, I decided to extend my travels by spending a day there. It was a fabulous day as well! (Thanks to you Liz!) I fit in househunting with Andrew, lots of walking, delicious sushi and Beaver Tails, sky train and sea bus. Then off to see HP (finally!) and we overcame navigational and parking difficulties for the reward of fireworks in a thunderstorm, perfect finale! It was sunny all morning but of course it has to rain while I'm in Vancouver so we were hit by the craziest storm in the evening.

I flew out the next day for London, pretty smooth except we were delayed for over 2 and half hours in Atlanta, there was some boarding, de-planing and re-planing... something involving a battery charger replacement...

London has been just as wonderful so far but will update that later. I'm exhausted (relaxing in Alicia's flat watching Flight of the Conchords....) and heading off to France tomorrow!

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