Friday, August 7, 2009

London! Part Two

Last Monday I got back to London and we spent that afternoon at the market in Camden, a maze of stalls and little shops with all sorts of jewellery, alternative clothing, some antiques and artworks, lots of ethnic food, just a whole blend of neat stuff! So interesting to wander around in but so much that it’s a bit overwhelming to buy anything unless you want something specific. That and I really can’t buy anything since I’m already out of luggage room…
That evening we made an amazing butter chicken curry and relaxed. Tuesday was a real packed day of true tourism. Most of the museums in London are free so we made the most of that! Started at the British Museum: Could spend a week there if you in the right mood, could spend a week in most of the museums if you were in the right mood! The British Museum has historical artefacts from all of the ancient civilisations and some more recent as well, from all over the world. I saw Egyptian mummies and the Rosetta Stone! Things from all periods of European history and Asia, the Incas… just overwhelming. Next stop: The National Gallery. I’m not big on art but still enjoy just viewing it all. Seeing real Van Gogh, Monet, Rembrandt etc. right up close so you can see each individual stroke is really impressive. From there we hopped on the bus to the Victoria & Albert Museum which is real maze but cool in that it has a really diverse exhibits. A hall full of gold and silver, the history of jewellery, clothing, design, more artwork, I can’t even remember all that we saw! Finally we made our way over to Buckingham Palace which you can only really peer at through the gate but it is so huge and pretty cool to see. Then relaxed in St. James’ Park for a bit. One awesome and exhausting day!
Wednesday I was on my own so I just walked along the Embankment, saw St. Paul’s Cathedral and then checked out the Museum of London which had the history of London from the beginning of time up to the Great Fire in 1666. Neat to see the evolution. They are going to get right to 2012 for the Olympics that year. Then I walked past Parliament and Westminster Abbey but had seen those before and read for awhile in the park, the weather was so nice the whole time! Unfortunately I left my memory card in my computer so most of the pictures are on internal memory and I don't have the cord for my camera so they will likely stay there for awhile...
I left London yesterday and am now in Swindon until tomorrow.

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