Friday, August 21, 2009

Un billet weekend Liège-Vielsalm

(July 20-train in Sweden)
Well tiny villages do have their disadvantages... when there are no buses on a weekend and no pay phones. However, they have their advantages too… when the man at the ticket desk knows the family and their new number and calls them for you!
Once again it was so nice to go back and see how some things have changed but most things haven’t and likely never will. Saturday I visited for a bit, the mom dropped the kids off and they actually haven’t changed. Definitely grown and perhaps calmed down a bit but otherwise… it was like I had stepped back in time. That evening we all went out for pizza in town.
Sunday it was up bright and early, off to the dirt-biking (moto cross) competitions for the day! There are competitions almost every weekend and most people camp over but the local club was hosting this one so it was in a nearby germanophone village. So a real trilingual event. It was incredibly hot all weekend and obviously quite dusty as well but I’m glad I got to go since I’d never seen a moto cross competition as it was winter when I was there. The dad still races though this may be his last year but Baptiste (the 5 year old) now has his own moto and gear and may be allowed to race next year. There were some 5/6 year olds racing, so cute! But a little scary… Victoria and I left with the grandpa after the second round races in the afternoon and had ‘le gouter’ with the grandma and aunt/uncle and then later ‘souper’ with more extended family and friends that just showed up without warning. It was some kind of holiday so that is accepted…
The dad and Baptiste didn’t get back until quite late and we all just went to bed as I had to be at the station at 6h00, so a very quick visit but very worth it.

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