Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A weekend in my English haven

After a lovely visit with my favourite couple of Brits, (so nice to see you again J&M, thank-you!) I am fully re-fuelled and ready to continue my journey. Truly though, my weekend can only be described in such terms as splendid, jolly good, delightful, brilliant and tickity-boo. If they lived in a hole with colourful round door I think it would be like being hosted by hobbits and of course to me, the countryside looks very Shire-like... It’s one gorgeous meal after another, nice walks along the sea or around the 800-year old abbey and plenty of time to relax and read which I haven’t done in about two years. Just what I needed! Hopefully one day I’ll have my own place and people will actually come visit me so I can spoil them!
I am now back in London for a few days and will update those adventures in a separate post.

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